Arial view - 50's McNair Kaserne 32nd Signal emblem

A cold war look at the former home of the 32nd Signal Battalion, the 201st Signal Company, the 17th Signal Battalion, and some other groups.
McNair Kaserne Home Page

McNair Kaserne is a former United States Army cold war era military post. It was located in Hoechst, Germany, just west of the city of Frankfurt.

In March 1964 the 32nd Signal Battalion relocated from the Cambri Fritch Kaserne in Darmstadt to McNair Kaserne. We define this date as the starting point of this site.

In January 1992 the 32nd Signal Battalion vacated McNair Kaserne and returned to Darmstadt at Kelley Barracks Kaserne.

McNair Kaserne was officially closed as a military kaserne in 1994.

The 32nd Signal Battalion itself closed shop in 2008.

Nowadays, the Kaserne has been completely renovated and is home to both families as well as businesses. Some former "McNairians" have returned to visit McNair and share with us the memories and images from the former Kaserne.

Latest addition is John Johnson's photos of McNair during his 60-61 stay.

Previous to that is Jim Koenig's set of 1982 year McNair newpaper that he published during his stay.

Previous to that is Kenny Wilkins' photos of his 71-72 stay


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For now, please have a look at:

Photo of a 2 1/2 ton truck A 1977 photo of two Army troops in front of a "Deuce and a Half:" truck.
"V32S" denotes that the truck is part of the 32nd Signal Battalion, "HQ 714" Denotes Headquarters company, and "Sneaky Snake Special 1" is the trucks unofficial name.

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